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Materials List

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Materials List

Below is a list of the necessary materials and their approximate cost in 1998 in Holland.

You actually have to buy commercial sizes, in this case with the aluminium sheet it was 1000x2000. As you should be able to use this material to make at least 2 repiniques, only the material used was charged, not the whole sheet.

Item AmountSizeApprox. price (US$)
Aluminium sheet1 1604x630x1 14.00
Steel strip23x15x20005.00
Steel rod1ø 6, 6 m2.40
Steel wire1ø 3, 3 m1.00
Total  32.65

The skins were not included in the list, as it depends on where you buy them. I actually bought 2 plastic skins in Holland for about 20 dollars each to see how it would work. In Brazil, I bought a nappa skin for 22 dollars, which I am using now.

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